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Congratulations to all of our Students, Parents and Staff our School! We are an A in the Elementary; B in Middle and a B in the High School!***New Student Orientation August 1st @ 5pm***First Day of School Wednesday, August 15th***
School Counselors collaborate with students, staff, families, and the community to provide a counseling program that serves all students at their own level. Your school counselors provide a number of services based on the needs of the students, families, and staff of the Somerset Academy Central Miramar Campus. Our counselor visits students in grades K-5 for interactive guidance lesson once a month. During this valuable time, they will get to know our students in their classroom setting and teach them valuable lessons in the areas of social/personal skills, career awareness and academic strategies for success in the classroom and in life.

Additional Services Include:
•Referral Services
•Individual student counseling
•Consultant services for parents and staff
•Student Mediation & Conflict Resolution Services ________________________________________________________________________
ATTENTION JR. WARRIORS •Are you feeling frustrated or stressed about learning in   your class? •Are you having trouble with friends at school? •Are you upset by   something going on in or outside your home? •Are you new to our school and you would like some help getting used to our school and making new friends?

We're  here to help YOU.........Talk to your school counselor today!  


If   your child is having difficulty at school or at home and you would
like   counseling for them, the Family Counseling Program is available to any
Broward   County student free of charge. They are located at several schools in
the  county  including Everglades High School and Perry Middle School.

-Please feel free to browse the directory below for public programs and services available to our students.